Don’t Pay Off Your Mortgage Yet! Become an Investor

You may already be a homeowner, and you have your first property, and hopefully, you’ve owned it for a few years, and you’ve built up some equity. And I know most times we want to pay off that home and feel really great about paying it off. However, we’re leaving ...

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How First Time Home Buyers Can Get into the GTA Market in 2020

It’s been a challenging few years because the financial regulations that have been put in place have made it very challenging for homebuyers in Ontario. In some cases, first-time buyers can’t get into the market. But now is a good time. The real estate market here in Ontario or the ...

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The Three Layers of Building a Financial Household

Just like a builder, when they’re building a home, they start with the foundation. Insurance The main foundation is life insurance. Protecting your loved ones and assets if anything should happen to you. Investing The second thing that we have to consider when building our financial household is investing. We ...

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