Don’t Pay Off Your Mortgage Yet! Become an Investor

January 31, 2020

You may already be a homeowner, and you have your first property, and hopefully, you’ve owned it for a few years, and you’ve built up some equity. And I know most times we want to pay off that home and feel really great about paying it off. However, we’re leaving a lot of money on the table. When you do that, you have to live someplace. So having your first property is great; however, you’re not utilizing the full potential, the nest egg or pot of gold that you’re sitting on. What I recommend is that you seriously consider building wealth by tapping into some of that equity that you currently have in your first property.

Once you start and get that bug of becoming an investor, you’re not going to stick to having that one investment property. You’re probably going to go after your third, fourth, fifth, or as many as you can attain because it is a sure way of building wealth for the longterm.

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